Our Story

Our Story

We think fresh bread with a crispy, crunchy crust is one of the best things in the world. It’s packed with great emotions!

The soul of our bread is our sourdough starter from where the journey of each and every one of our loaves of bread starts. The starter we use has followed us since 2011, since the beginning of our story. Making bread is simple but time-consuming. Making a loaf of bread from start to finish takes two days. If you take shortcuts, you can taste it instantly. In addition, you need a few quality ingredients, a burning hot oven, patience and loads of love.

We add water, salt and flour, which we have carefully selected from the small local farms of Kranni and Malmgård, to the starter. All our bread is made by hand. Careful mixing, heating up the dough in your hands by kneading and folding and finally a good long proofing create the perfect structure and texture. The secret to a crunchy crust is baking the bread in a hot, steaming stone oven.

We apply this passion to all our baking. With Teemu Aura in the lead, we are creative and uncompromising artisans, and we want to serve you a bold and inventive world of flavours. In addition to bread, our specialties include showstopping pastries and cakes as well as delicious buns and croissants that simply melt in your mouth. We believe that we can bake the world a better place.

Let’s shop some delicacies! Please note that our webshop has a minimum delivery time of 62 hours. You can pick up the products yourself or order a home delivery in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa area. Thank you for your order!