Wedding Cakes

Beets & Hummus Sandwich Cake

Beets, pesto and hummus combine in a fresh way in this beautiful party charmer.

Carrot & Strawberry Nude Cake

Gorgeous layer cake with full of fresh strawberry mousse, cream cheese and strawberry compote.

690,- /person

Roasted White Chocolate Nude Cake

Our white chocolate nude cake is a real chocolate dream that combines roasted white chocolate, chocolate cremeaux and chocolate biscuit.

690,- /person

Smoked Salmon & Shrimp Sandwich Cake

Our fish sandwich cake combines warm smoked salmon and fresh shrimps.

Wedding Cake Stand

Do you want your wedding cake to stand out? Rent a cake stand!

Dark Jasmin

Rich, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry & Jasmin Tea.

550,- /person


Rich Milk Chocolate, Granny Smith Apple and Almond Cake.

550,- /person


Perfect blend of Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate mousse

550,- /person


Delicious lime infused Strawberry Mousse, Cream Cheese and Lemon.

550,- /person


Heavenly Lemongrass infused White Chocolate mousse & Passionfruit.

550,- /person

Pistachio NYC

Delicious Pistachio & Passionfruit Mousse Cheesecake

550,- /person


Juicy Lemon & Sweet Italian Meringue

550,- /person

Other products

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