Pastries and macarons

Apricot & rosemary macaron

The fruity member of our colorful macaron family.

Chai latte macaron

Do you like chai latte? You’d definitely like this one too!

Mango & citrus macaron

The exotic member of our colorful macaron family.

Hasse pastry

Pastry filled with Hazelnuts & Milk Chocolate

Hazelnut & Raspberry Pastry

This chocolaty vegan pastry is filled with hazelnuts and raspberries.


Heavenly Lemongrass infused White Chocolate Mousse & Passionfruit

Pistachio NYC pastry

Delicious Pistachio & Passionfruit Mousse Cheesecake


A classic with some tangy lemon curd on a Breton cake topped with roasted sweet Italian meringue

Dark Chocolate & Cherry

A classic combo of Dark Chocolate & Cherries, now as a vegan pastry.

Other products

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