Smoked Salmon & Shrimp Sandwich Cake

The sandwich cake crowns the party table. Our fish sandwich cake combines warm smoked salmon and fresh shrimps.


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Bread (wheat flour, water, wheat bran, sugar, yeast, salt, canola oil, emulsifiers: E482, E471, thickening agent E412, acidity regulator E262, cream cheese, cream, salt, lemon, beetroot, olive oil, chick peas, sesame seeds, Knorr Vegatable Bouillion (malto dextrine, starch, onion, carrot, leek, aroma, carrot juice powder, spices), cream cheese (low-lactose), cream (lactose free), salt, lemon, smoked salmon, shrimps, sun flower sprouts. Seasonal greens are used in decorations.

Manufactured in a facility which processes milk, eggs, nuts, almonds, wheat and other grains.

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